Did you know we do concrete? If you didn’t, you do now! This project required us to replace old, cracking asphalt on an existing driveway and lay a new concrete pad on the side of their shop. We’re going to be going back later (when budget allows) and finishing off the whole driveway.

In case you were wondering what the difference in quality between concrete and asphalt is, I’ll tell you. Concrete is higher quality and requires less maintenance. It also requires professional installation by someone who is experienced to avoid cracking in the future. Asphalt is cheaper and though it doesn’t last as long, it can be maintained easier by a homeowner. Installation of both requires a good foundation and knowledge of how to install in such a way that it lasts the longest and doesn’t crack or fall apart (especially in winter)

We can do any concrete or asphalt job, from a small home driveway to a large commercial parking lot and have years of experience in making sure you get a top quality service. We can recommend the best option for you to fit your budget and project, whether it’s concrete or asphalt.

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