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General Questions

What’s the difference between an Estimate and a Proposal?

Our “estimate” is a guess based on experience.  We typically complete these either verbally, through text, or email based on a phone conversation and pictures of your current space provided by you. This helps to see if we are in the right ballpark for you.

Our “proposal” is a line item description of your project with exact pricing which once signed becomes your contract with us.  This is based on meeting(s) at your space, any renderings necessary, and exact product selections.  This takes not only meeting time, but also hours and hours of planning to form your custom proposal.


Do Gorilla Brothers help with the design process?

 Of course!  We love the design process and are confident we can work with you to pick finishes you will love in your space.

 A great way to get some ideas of what you like is using popular sites like Pinterest, Houzz, and social media platforms such as Instagram.



How can a well-landscaped home help to sell my home?

Many realtors say a well landscaped home sells much faster and easier than one that isn’t.

Not only can it help increase your homes value by up to 15%, it can provide great curb appeal so that when someone pulls up to your home for the first time, they get a great first impression.

Often neighbors will want to improve their landscaping also when they see you do it and it makes the neighborhood look better and more appealing.


How long will my project take?

We pride ourselves on efficiency.  Waiting to start a project until most (if not all) supplies are on hand helps to alleviate much of the downtime many people have experienced with other contractors.  Once we start a project we like to see it quickly move through to being finished!

See some of our REVIEWS here to see our satisfied customers.

Do you provide cleanup and debris removal?

Yes, we keep the job site clean and always make sure to clean up everything once we’re done so that you don’t have to do anything after we leave.

Will I be able to request changes during the project?

Absolutely! It is very common to be in a project and new ideas come up.  “Change Orders” will be documented and approved prior to proceeding.



What areas do you service?

We service Tulsa and all surrounding areas, including Owasso, Jenks, Broken Arrow, Claremore, Collinsville, Oologah, and Coweta. If you live outside of these areas please do not hesitate to reach out.

Are you licensed?

We have all state required licenses and permits to do business. In Oklahoma, general contractors and landscapers are not required by law to have licenses, however we are insured and bonded for all jobs that we perform.

Click Here to learn more about Oklahoma’s licensing and operation requirements

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured. In addition, all sub-contractors that we work with are insured and bonded with all required licenses and permits.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 2009 with a combined 15 years of experience between the 2 owners.

May I have a list of reference from previous customers?

We can provide references, reviews, and portfolios to any potential client.

Please call us for references at 918.810.7150 or Send a Message

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What is your rating with the Better Business Bureau?

We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and consistent 5 star reviews across the internet.

View our Reviews to see all of our reviews by satisfied customers


If you aren’t in to answer my call, how long will it be before I hear from you?

We check messages, emails, and social media throughout the day and will get back to you generally within a day.


How many hours a day are you reachable on your mobile phone?

Our current hours are from 8:00am through 4:00 pm daily.  However, current customers have access to us 24 hours a day.


Who will be supervising my project?

The owners, Mike and Max are the main supervisors on each job.  With them, our team including Mike’s wife, Chelsea and father-in-law, Gary help all projects to run smoothly.


How often will I hear from you and are you easy to contact?

This will vary from job to job, we maintain consistent contact with you during the course of the job. Please let us know if you have any special requests for communication about your project,



Do you install and service irrigation systems?

 Yes we can do anything related to landscaping and we have done many jobs where we installed new irrigation systems or upgraded existing systems.

We can do residential or commercial properties of any size.


What climate zone is Oklahoma in?

We are in Zone 7. You can learn more about climate zones by visiting this Wikipedia page about climate zones.

Climate Zones


What plants grow in Oklahoma:

We specialize in native landscaping and are experienced in which plants grow best in Oklahoma. We are happy to recommend the best plants for your property.
You can also learn more about what plants are native grow in Oklahoma by visiting this page on the Oklahoma State University Extension Website.




Do you have vendors to view materials and samples?

Yes, we have local suppliers that carry most of the materials that would be used for your project.


Can I request samples?

Yes, we can give you the contact info for vendors that you can request samples from or visit their local showroom.


Can you help with the design, plans, and permits for my job?

We can help with every aspect of a project from designing to planning and working with you every step of the way to make sure you love every detail of your project. We obtain any permits that are required by law for your project.


Do I need to have design ideas before I start the renovation process?

 It is not required but it is good to have an idea of what you like or expect from your project so that we can serve you best.



What are your payment options?

We accept cash, certified funds, checks, bank transfers through QuickBooks and have the ability to accept credit cards (with a fee applied).

Do you offer free quotes?

We do not provide free estimates or quotes.  We do however, provide project proposals for a fee based on the exact scope of work you are looking to have completed. Our proposals take numerous hours and once signed is the plan moving forward for your project including finishes.  

How much is the initial deposit?

An initial deposit depends on the project and scope of work.  Generally for projects that will not take an extended amount of time we require a 50% deposit.  However, with larger projects we will utilize a 30% deposit, then have scheduled payments based on completed projects.

Will the price change for an estimate or is it good for a certain period of time?

Generally our proposals and estimates are good for 30 days. Many proposals could still be valid beyond that time frame, however with fluctuating product costs we cannot guarantee pricing will not have increased.


Are you the cheapest or can you beat a quote I already have?

Our goal is not to be the cheapest, but to provide a quality and efficient service with direct contact to the owners on a consistent basis.